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Remember, REDUCE before you PRODUCE®™ 2009-2013

Come on in and grab a few SOLAR rays!®™

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TEXAS Sun Power

The sun is not going to raise TEXAS' rates tomorrow to cover expenses. The sun is not going to request a government bailout at the expensive of TEXAS. The sun provides TEXAS residents an inexhaustible, barely-tapped source of SOLAR energy. With over 6 hours of  sun on an average day, TEXAS is ideally located to take advantage of this TREMENDOUS source of SOLAR power. So TEXAS, c'mon in and grab a few SOLAR rays! ®™

We are not just trying to sell TEXAS businesses or residents a SOLAR photovoltaic system. We first do a comprehensive review of your existing energy use, and then, when feasible, help you implement prudent conservation measures. These measures often have little to no noticeable impact on lifestyle, other than leaving you with a little more money after paying utility bills. In so doing, we may often appreciably reduce the size of the PV system you will need, the one that others will sell you and move on. Everyone, TEXAS and elsewhere, deserves the necessary help with SOLAR systems today. And think about it just a little, would you rather send in money to the utility company each month and watch rates rise, or spend less money overall to OWN your own solar system in TEXAS?


This TEXAS SOLAR site has been started by We are looking for a student volunteer who would like to become the webmaster for TEXAS SOLAR and/or other site(s). Ultimately several sites in San Mateo County (check the links page, all the solar links are ours) will be modeled the same with a forum and a blog for each specific city. This will enable communities, such as TEXAS, to speak with one another on solar issues relevant to their locale, as well as checking in on what is happening elsewhere. Email us.

TEXAS SOLAR for life, we owe it to ourselves, our families, the planet we live on.